It all started in 2020, with love for how the power of technology can improve lives. And create a better world for everyone. It’s true. For years, we honed our knowledge. We learnt the business. We built relationships. And over time we discovered that although technology has advanced, the human relationships and the infrastructure so crucial to making it work has not advanced. Hence, nformal, a new kind of company. A new way of thinking. Putting people and relationships first, to make our client’s everyday journey with technology a bit more enjoyable.

For us, technology has always been the ultimate expression of human creativity and intelligence.
And when done right. Made easy to understand. And crafted just for you—to meet your everyday business challenges—it’s nothing short of magic. Everything works seamlessly. And everyone gets it. Software solutions that work for people. And not the other way around. It’s what drives us as a company every single day. And we’d love you to be a part of it. Not just in finding the right solution for you. But in being a part of the solution—making the way you work simpler, more efficient, and more human for everyone.

Whiteboarding, excel, getting lost on a mountain, cooking, red wine, Banksy, unbearably strong espresso, family—this is just a sampling of what defines James, both inside and outside the office. A true team builder that thrives on collaborating with diverse teams from all walks of life, James loves meeting complicated challenges with elegant, refined solutions.

This is Bahaa in a nutshell—a self-professed foodie, avid conversationalist, Elon Musk fan,
getting to the point, making sure the best idea wins, making the world a better place through technology, and possibly everything Star Trek. Big on solving business problems, Bahaa is all about putting his co-workers first, making sure that they are engaged, challenged and fulfilled.