Event Tickets Workflow


Event Tickets Workflow with AIRTABLE, Make.com, and HTMLtoImage API:

I successfully implemented a comprehensive event entry management system utilizing AIRTABLE as the foundational database, Make.com for workflow automation, and the HTMLtoImage API for dynamic creation of event entries. The system also included an automated QR code generation process based on user-submitted data.

Workflow Overview:

  1. User Input via Form:
    • Users submitted their personal details through a form, triggering the master workflow.
    • Collected data included attendee information such as name, contact details, and any additional relevant details into Airtable Table.
  2. QR Code Generation:
    • Automated the creation of QR codes incorporating essential attendee data.
    • QR codes served as digital tickets, facilitating streamlined entry on the day of the event.
  3. Dynamic Design of the Event Ticket Creation:
    • Leveraged the HTMLtoImage API to dynamically generate visually appealing event tickets based on a pre-defined design template.
    • The generated event entries included personalized details from the submitted form data, creating a unique representation for each attendee.
    • This workflow sent the Tickets to the User when finishs the creation.
  4. Event Day Scanner App for Administrators:
    • Developed a dedicated event-day app utilizing a QR code scanning library and hosted it on Vercel.
    • Restricted scanning capabilities to authorized administrators, ensuring controlled access to event. Without access to the application, scanning the code would yield no results, thereby preventing unauthorized registrations.
  5. Automated Confirmation Emails:
    • Upon successful QR code scanning, attendees received personalized thank-you emails and essential event documentation.

Key Achievements:

  • Efficiently managed event data through Airtable, providing a structured foundation for seamless integration.
  • Automated the event tickets creation process using the HTMLtoImage API, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing representation for attendees.
  • Enhanced security by restricting QR code scanning to authorized administrators, preventing unauthorized access to event data.
  • Provided a user-friendly experience through the automated confirmation emails, ensuring attendees received essential information promptly.
  • Ensured secure and user-friendly attendance tracking of event guests. The system facilitated the reliable registration of attendees, providing a seamless and accessible experience. By incorporating features to register attendance alongside the automated entry creation process, the project enhanced overall event management, guaranteeing a smooth and secure check-in process for all participants.

This project exemplifies a successful integration of Airtable and Make.com to create an efficient and automated event entry management system, offering a seamless experience for both administrators and attendees.

In this company Youtube Video you can see the Scanning procedure in action!

Ticket example:

Master workflow:

Automated dynamic workflow of an event ticketing system creation. Enhancing overall event management with streamlined processes, QR Codes Tickets, a Scanner App, assistence tracking.

01/11/2024 to 30/11/2023

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