LiveTango offers the possibility of taking an intensive Spanish course in Argentina. Their website’s about program options for traveling and visiting Argentina while you learn spanish. I undertook a dual role as the web developer and brand director, spearheading the comprehensive development of our online presence. As the web developer, I designed and implemented a dynamic and user-friendly website, ensuring seamless navigation and an engaging user experience. This involved utilizing innovative technologies and responsive design principles to optimize the website for various devices.

Simultaneously, in my capacity as the brand director, I took charge of planning the creation of the company’s logo. This multifaceted task included conducting in-depth research to understand the essence and values of LiveTango. I collaborated closely with a designer to conceptualize a logo that not only visually represented the brand but also encapsulated its unique identity and mission.

The logo creation for LiveTango underwent numerous iterations, feedback loops, and a meticulous design approach to align with the brand’s vision and market positioning. The final logo, integrating color schemes, typography, and visual elements, became a distinctive symbol reflecting LiveTango’s ethos, incorporating the essence of Argentinean flag colors.

In essence, my role as both web developer and brand director at LiveTango encompassed the technical knowledge required for an effective online presence and the strategic vision necessary for crafting a compelling brand identity.

At LiveTango, I played a dual role, serving as both the web developer and brand director. This involved creating a dynamic website with a seamless user experience and overseeing the strategic planning and execution of the company’s logo to ensure a visually distinctive and aligned brand identity.

01/05/2021 to 01/06/2021

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