Xchange Bridge


In this project, I served as a web developer, lead generation and creative director for branding.

As a web developer, I designed and developed the website in WordPress using Elementor. The main feature of this website, is that is connected with a synchronization system utilizing Airtable to automate the creation of flyers with the same content that it’s on the website, synchronize, and facilitate posting and editing for admins.

Also, for Xchange Bridge, I lead the way of the technological backbone of the internship travel platform, ensuring a seamless online experience for aspiring interns. From crafting an intuitive application process to implementing advanced solutions, my role is to elevate the user journey.

In my role as a web designer and creative director, I ensured the visual and branding elements aligned cohesively across various platforms, creating a unified and engaging online presence.

Happy to contribute to a team that empowers individuals on their journey to professional growth through transformative internship experiences in the United States!

In this project I worked as web developer, lead generation and creative director for the branding. I implemented a syncronization system using Airtable to automate Flyers creation, Web content Sync and posting.

01/06/2023 to now

tech stack

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